What Are Our Focus Industries?

We provide a full range of professional business services in conflict and post-conflict countries. As your reliable partner, our approach is to help our clients with quality services and transparency in developing countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Our focus is on industries that have the potential to grow the local economies in developing countries. Together with our partners and clients, we work to create jobs and increase the local economies with sustainable approaches. Our success stories, strong background, and client stratification from countries like Afghanistan help us to meet the expectations of our clients and deliver a quality service while making significant impacts.


We closely work with farmers and the value chain players in the agriculture industry to maximize the production and quality of farms and their crops.

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The power of our track record helps us to provide niche services in the consulting industry and replicate our successful model to other developing countries.

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We support the government, national mining companies, and international organizations in designing and implementing mining projects.

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We offer logistics and procurement services for the government, private companies, and international organizations.

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Real Estate

Our team of real estate professionals can help you locate and acquire the right property, that meets all of your needs.

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We work to enable technology as a tool for improving livelihoods, increase economic opportunities, and bring positive social changes.

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We take special marketable commodities from a country and make it available to the international markets. Our focus is on export promotion and finding new markets for Afghan products.

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Who We Are

We are a fast-growing firm with tangible success stories! The company was founded in June of 2017 by a young Afghan leader with the passion of providing quality and professional services in Afghanistan, we were formerly known as Asara Consultancy Services (ASARA) but rebranded as Asara Global Group in 2019 to expand and provide professional services in Afghanistan and other similar countries such as Iraq, Syria and African countries. The firm is headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan, registered in the United States, Estonia, and Afghanistan.

Asara has proudly worked with at least 30 national and international clients based in Afghanistan, Dubai, Netherland, Jordan, Bosnia, and the United States. We are located with a head office in Kabul and regional offices in Herat and Mazar provinces as well as with a back-office in Bournemouth, United Kingdom.


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We provide services in numerous different industries. Our primary focus, however, is to deliver quality services to our clients through our expertise and extensive capabilities. We are offering customized services in the following industries based on our expertise.


We have partnered with a range of national and international entities to deliver the best quality of services to our clients and project beneficiaries.