Written by: Zarmina Mohammadi
10 January 2018



A company started last year and run by a group of young people is already making an impact and has provided jobs for 30 people.

Asara, a Kabul service provider and consultation company, founded last year and run by a number of local youths, is already making a name for itself.

The company provides business services and advice to small and medium-sized businesses and also provides technical and professional training to businessmen and women, especially to start-up companies.

Asara’s staff said they want to provide necessary training to 420 youths in the near future – with the focus on those who want to establish small and medium-sized businesses.

“We also provide services such as the internet, furniture and a venue for those companies and entrepreneurs that start their own businesses,” Tamim Jawadi, operational manager, said.

Murtaza Idres is one entrepreneur who turned to Asara for help. He said he tried to get a magazine cover designed by many companies but was not happy with what they produced. He then went to Asara which designed his cover.

“They work very professionally and also get the opinion of the customer,” said Idres.

Currently, Asara has two agencies and over 30 youths work for the company.

Ebad Ghafar, one employee, said he is very happy that the company has provided him with a job opportunity. He said that youths should be supported.

“Before this, I had worked somewhere else as well, but here it is different. Here I found the environment so friendly,” Ghafar said.

The company’s management said they are trying to encourage youths to start small and medium-sized businesses to increase job opportunities in the country.

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