Our Background

The company was founded in June of 2017, we were formerly known as Asara Consultancy Services (ASARA) but now we are rebranded as Asara Global Group in 2019 to expand and provide professional services in Afghanistan and other similar countries. The firm is headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan, registered in the United States, Estonia, and Afghanistan.

Asara has proudly worked with at least 30 national and international clients based in Afghanistan, Dubai, Netherland, Jordan, Bosnia, and the United States. We are located with a head office in Kabul and regional offices in Herat and Mazar provinces as well as with a back-office in Bournemouth, United Kingdom.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the leading firm in developing countries, offering innovative solutions to socioeconomic challenges, and to provide excellent services to different public and private clients.

What Do We believe?

We believe the future for post conflict countries lies in job creation, training and capacity development, and working to create a business enabling environment that will attract local and foreign investors as well as partners. We know the future of Afghanistan lies in stimulating the national economy and promoting entrepreneurial thought. Our vision is to be the “go to” company that provides customized business services designed to meet your needs while simultaneously building up the economic growth potential and fostering peace in conflict countries.

Our Values


Project implementation and service delivery with the highest quality possible is the foundation of our firm. We go the extra mile for our clients and project beneficiaries to make sure we create an impact and add value to our clients work.


We take responsibility for our services and make sure that the impacts of our activities reach all project stakeholders and local communities.


We reduce the gaps in professional service delivery between developing and developed countries.


We do business in an ethical and transparent manner while considering the sustainability of our services and projects.

Our Progress

Coming from humble origins, we are now a fast-growing firm with a goal to be the leading firm in providing innovative solutions and services to socioeconomic challenges in developing countries.



In 2017, the company was founded under Asara Consultancy Services to provide services in the areas of management consulting, entrepreneurship development, and communication in Afghanistan. The company officially started with a team of five but extended to 15 full-time experts and support staff in the same year. In the first year of operation, Asara provided services in areas of business incubation, management consulting, and communication for five clients..



Asara expanded its operations to two physical offices in Kabul and extended services in the area of training and outsourcing industries. Asara had a team of 35 full-time employees serving a total number of 25 clients in Kabul, Jalalabad, and Herat.


The leadership of the company decided to expand the firm to global markets, add services in different industries, and not only provide services in Afghanistan but also in similar countries like Iraq, Syria and African countries. The Asara team increased to 80+ full-time experts, mentors, consultants, and managers. Asara served 30+ clients and implemented 48 projects so far.

Clients Testimonials

Sarah-Jean Cunningham

Asara’s support for our operations in Afghanistan has been a tremendous help to our staff in-country. We appreciate very much the efforts you and your colleagues have invested in our partnership.

Sarah-Jean Cunningham
Managing Director / Magenta

Kejll Terje Torvik

The team from Asara proved to be highly flexible, competent, and thus most valuable. This was crucial for our mission since the time-frame was quite narrow. The Asara team delivered the assignment impressively. I highly recommend Asara to future assignments as they have proven to be highly competent, reliable, and well-organized.

Kejll Terje Torvik
Migration Specialist / Swedish Migration Board

Reshad Sadozai

We would like to thank Asara for their valuable contribution to the success of the project. We look forward to continued cooperation in the future.

Reshad Sadozai
Senior Private Sector Development Director / DAI/WIE