Mining can play a key role in the sustainable development of Afghanistan. The country is full of elegant and unique stones and granites which only Afghanistan has in its un-extracted sources. Currently, these mines are being extracted unprofessionally. This harms the stone and granate’s elegance which causes more waists and reduction in the value of the stone. In the mining industry, we support the government, national, and international companies in designing and implementing mining projects. We provide advisory support to the mining industry extractors and exporters on standard extraction and valuable dealing. Moreover, Asara exports elegant stones and granite to regional and international level customers through its Afghanistan GemStone Hub.

Our Focus

We focus to remain engaged with standard extraction, process, and sales of quality mining products competent with the regional and global markets. Additionally, we also export a variety of minerals and provide technical support services to help the local producers exporting desirable products to the global markets. Our online services help you source the quality rough and polished minerals from Afghanistan more efficiently.



Mining Advisory

Asara provides demand-based technical assistance to local mining firms by providing them quality proposals, developing bidding documents...

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Mining Compliance

Asara provides compliance services for national and international companies in the mining industry. We facilitate mining licensing, government mining compliance...

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Mining Market Linkage

Asara provides trusted sales advisory and market linkage to interested clients in the mining industry. We are providing access to market service for your...

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Facilitate Mining Certification

Asara works to facilitate mobilization of large mining companies and is seeking support from international investors and donors to establish a mining certification...

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Mining Initiatives


Afghanistan GemStone Hub

Our GemStone Hub is established with the aim to help international buyers access original and quality stones from Afghanistan. Asara aims to be the first and last one-stop-shop for purchasing elegant gemstones of the country. Our GemStone production center introduces Asara’s branded products with guaranteed quality. We have established the gemstone hub to offer a structured gemstones market for Afghanistan gemstones and to build trust among the buyers.

Pezwan is Afghanistan’s unique online gemstones market that connects local gemstone miners/sellers with international buyers. We showcase all kinds of rough and polished gemstones of the country through

Pezwan offers:

  • Exporting opportunities for the Afghanistan gemstones dealers with brief info about the mine and gemstone itself
  • Providing access to quality gems and jewelry opportunity to its clients more efficiently and profitably
  • Showcasing the products of its customers and providing them selling opportunities globally