I am Abdul Hasib Rahimi. I was born in Kabul city in 1992. I graduated from school in 2010 and have studied Finance at the National Institute of Management and Administration (NIMA). I have received a full scholarship for studying ACCA at the American University of Afghanistan.

When I was studying, I had a motive of inaugurating a financial management company. I have my written note still with myself, where I wrote: “I must have a company so that I can deliver services of professional accounting to companies”. Literally, I have started my initial job with logistics companies as a Finance Assistant and then as Finance Officer promoting to Finance Manager as well as a General Director. Since I had enough experience in the finance field, I knew this was the time that I can lead my own company. I thought about what should be the name of my company? NIMA was the only place and the only name that influenced my personality and helped me the most.

Prior to selecting a name for the company and registering it, I conducted basic market research for finding my target customers in 2017 and searched for some places for the office. When it was time for registration, I decided to have the reverse name of Nima which is Amin that is an attribute to our business and can describe our business the most Trusted Party. “Nima Amin; Your Trusted Business Partner” was our selected slogan for our company.

One of our business clients informed about the Bright Future Business Incubation Program. Although my field is Finance is somehow related to business administration, I did not have enough technical knowledge about starting a new business and managing it, so I found this announcement as a good opportunity to enhance my business administration competencies. We have experienced a very good five months in Bright Future Business Incubation Program. We had great sessions from how to start a business to managing it and sustaining it. One of the achievements of the Bright Future Program was learning the business language. We were able to develop our most essential plans and strategies during the BFP program. After practicing the training in our business, NIMA AMIN was growing faster. We were connected with more than 100 startups through the platform. We were able to reach more clients through the program.

I was always thinking of getting a master’s degree in business administration to run and manage my business. I could not study furthermore, I could not apply for my master’s degree abroad, but the BFP platform helped me managing and running my business without a degree.

Finally, we have succeeded to run our business very smooth after the incubation program. It has helped us a lot. The program had two great points for us, first, it helped us build our technical knowledge, secondly, it acted as an influential and motivational platform.

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